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Virtual World Blender Conference 2020


All info here is temporary.
Visit again for updates!
Live Stream in PaderGrid!
30th October 2020

Ravelli Ormstein will present the stream of this event in-world of PaderGrid - live from Amsterdam. Everyone is invited to come, watch and discuss.

  • Friday, 30th October 2020 - 18:00 CET
  • In the development region of Caledon Oxbridge University, which is in the PaderGrid:
Further infos: If you enter an OpenSimulator grid the first time:
  • Create an account on
  • Download and install Firestorm Viewer
  • Start the viewer and login with your account to OSGrid
  • Teleport to Amphitheater
  • Take a seat
  • Enable Plugins in the viewers Preferences
    (CTRL+P > Network & Files)
  • Click the big display on stage to start the stream.


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[2013-10-25 - 13:47] 27. Streaming issues

Sadly the Blender Conference don't offer a stream which can be watched everywhere by everyone. In Germany the Yotube stream is blocked - other countries might be affected as well. One would have to install a browser plugin to watch it in a non-legal way. If you do so you can only watch each presentation as a stand alone, so you have to open the next stream manually. That makes any parallel event useless, 'cause most people don't understand this concept and the event gets interrupted by ongoing questions on how to watch the stream. What a shame!

There were several visitors at the VWBC at the beginning, but they all left. Yesterday the stream of DeBalie was up, and it was running well, even in-world of Second Life. That would have been perfect - sadly it is offline now.


[2013-10-25 - 10:08] 26. VWBC 2013 will start in some minutes

The Virtual World Blender Conference 2013 will start in 22 minutes.


Join us in Second Life in Caledon Oxbridge Village (SLurl).

[2013-10-24 - 23:19] 25. VWBC 2013 will start soon!

The Virtual World Blender Conference 2013 will start in 11 hours.


It will be hosted by the Caledon Oxbridge University (SLurl) in Second Life. The virtual location will be the park in Caledon Oxbridge Village (SLurl).


To stay up-to-date with this event please subscribe this news feed or join the in-world group Virtual World Blender Conference.

[2012-10-14 - 18:12] 24. VWBC 2012 is over

After three days with many many interesting presentations the Blender Conference 2012 came to it's end - so we have to stop in-world too.


Tonight DeBalie will re-play the stream of the day. You can watch it at Oxbridge Village (Slurl).


I will publish some more info later.

[2012-10-14 - 09:40] 23. 3rd day of VWBC is going to start in some minutes

Good morning everyone,

hope to see you all in Caledon Oxbridge Village (SLurl) when the 3rd and last day of the Blender Conference 2012 will be streamed in-world. Some minutes left!


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