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Virtual World Blender Conference 2020


All info here is temporary.
Visit again for updates!
Live Stream in PaderGrid!
30th October 2020

Ravelli Ormstein will present the stream of this event in-world of PaderGrid - live from Amsterdam. Everyone is invited to come, watch and discuss.

  • Friday, 30th October 2020 - 18:00 CET
  • In the development region of Caledon Oxbridge University, which is in the PaderGrid:
Further infos: If you enter an OpenSimulator grid the first time:
  • Create an account on
  • Download and install Firestorm Viewer
  • Start the viewer and login with your account to OSGrid
  • Teleport to Amphitheater
  • Take a seat
  • Enable Plugins in the viewers Preferences
    (CTRL+P > Network & Files)
  • Click the big display on stage to start the stream.


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[2010-10-25 - 14:33] 2. Copyable Info Sign inworld available

Infront of the Lecture Hall of the Caledon Oxbridge University you can find an Info Sign for the upcoming event. It is copyable for everyone. It contains a note card with the schedule and a landmark to the Lecture Hall.

You can buy a copy for 0L$ to have the latest infos inworld and use it to promote the event by rezzing it on your land.


Use this teleport to the Lecture Hall.

[2010-10-25 - 12:02] 1. Updated Schedule

The Blender Foundation updated today the official schedule for the Blender Conference. Further changes on it are expected.


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